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Date : Aug. 6th ~ 12th ( 7 days / 6 nights)

Location : BEST 5 Resort , Ellenville, NY

Students (7 years and above) and parents are welcome   to participate.

Special features of the program

- Students can experience of BE training on a deeper level
- Parents can participate with their children
- Special lecture by Dr. Ilchi Lee
- Special HSP training by world renowned HSP trainer
- Participants can prepare Olympiad event together with   instructors

Program details

- Each step of BE (steps 1~5): BE sensitizing exercise, coordination exercises, infinity drawing and   dance, brain refreshing and releasing of negative emotion, vision training
- Outdoor / Indoor team activities : BE games, dance, teamwork
- Activities with parents ( effective communication, sharing energy, role playing)
- Nature training ( waterfalls , sunrise training, star and earth training)
- HSP training (HSP Brain Window, HSP Speed brain, HSP Gym)
- Special lecture by Dr. Ilchi Lee
- Vision setting and HSPer Club ceremony

Testimonials from previous participants of HSP   camp

J. Gunnar  I am leaving bad things here and becoming a new person. I can do pushups a lot better than I could. I can dance better and I have more courage. I made new friends.

Capri Corwin  I am doing things longer than usual and not being as shy as before. And I’ve learned a card game to use my brain well and feel lighter and stronger than I usually do.I can memorize poems and remember then for a long time. I am not as cold in the snow with only one jacket!

Andrew Linxie
 Now, I have a vision to develop ways for saving the world! I will get rid of my bad habit of saying bad language and make a new habit of being relaxed.