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Institute established (President Ilchi Lee)
1999.3 Authorized as an research institution of the Ministry of Science & technology
2003.3 Hosted International Brain Science Symposium - ‘Brain Science and Application’
2004.7 Hosted International Brain Respiration Symposium - ‘HSP Research’
2005.3 Concluded joint research of HSP with Dr. Zang-Hee Cho, Director of Neuroscience Research Institute of Gachon University of Medicine and Science, South Korea
2005.4 Hosted the 1st International Brain HSP Olympiad
2005.7 Concluded joint research agreement of HSP with Dr. Hee-Sup Shin, President of Korea Institute of Science and Technology, Neuroscience Center
2006.5 Hosted the 2nd International Brain HSP Olympiad

Korea Institute of Brain Science is a registered foundation licensed by the Ministry of Science and Technology, and it is the only research institution focusing on the human brain that studies the functions and processes of a human brain, along with developing and verifying methods to improve the human brain. Previous developments include 'Brain Respiration' which is a brain-based education program. It is currently researching brain-based education as well as brain science. Recently, it is attracting extensive attention as the developer of HSP (Heightened Sensory Perception), the cognitive ability of the human brain that can be developed through awakening and restoring essential functions of the brain.