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H(Heightened)     H(Health)
¨·       S(Smile)
·     P(Peace)
HSP (Heightened Sensory Perception) refers to the ability to perceive information when the normal five senses are restricted. HSP is distinct from ESP (Extrasensory Perception) in that anyone can develop this HSP power through proper training of the brain.

What is the purpose of developing HSP?

The purpose of HSP is to awaken the potential senses of the brain so that it may develop its ability to more effectively handle and manage information. This then leads to increased individual capabilities, allowing one to make great contributions to a better society.

Backgrounds of establishing the International Brain HSP Olympiad (IHSPO)

“Citius, Altius and Fortius”

This is the slogan of the modern Olympic Games and symbolizes the history of humanity’s challenges in the 20th century. People have consistently overcome the threshold of physical performance through the Olympic Games with endurance and patience. The energy and vigor of challenge have become a part of our society’s culture. The energy to challenge limits and impossibility is the source of the advancement in human civilization.

Since the significant material development was brought during the 20th century, human beings have started seeking for new challenges. Behind the splendid scenes of the material civilization there is arousing desire for retrieving humanity itself and spiritual value. That desire is requiring new changes in our culture.

In line with this current of the times, Ilchi Lee established the The International Brain HSP Olympiad (IHSPO) after long preparation, recognizing the need for an international event to bring about a new paradigm for a new age. He has been working for 25 years on introducing his own brain-based education program all over the world, which focuses on the brain as the answer to the various problems in human society and aims at restoring the full capacity of the brain.

HSP refers to Health, Smile and Peace. It is also the acronym of Heightened Sensory Perception, which refers to the capacity to perceive objects without visual input. The IHSPO emphasizes the creativity and the pursuit of peace which are fundamental function of the brain.

The IHSPO is held every year. The first IHSPO and its establishing ceremony were held in Seoul, Korea in 2005. The second IHSPO 2006 with its message of ‘New challenge for the brain’ has been gaining more and more attention than the previous Olympiad. The president of the Republic of Costa Rica, Oscar Arias Sanchez, Nobel Peace Prize laureate, is one of co-presidents of this event. The Korean National Commission for UNESCO is one of major supporting organizations of IHSPO. UNESCO is also an official sponsor of the International Science Olympiad. The IHSPO started in Korea and is now expanding over the world with increasing international attention.

As the spirit of the challenge from modern Olympics lit the fire for the material civilization, the IHSPO, which is based on developing the infinite potential of a human brain, will be the foundation to open the new era of challenge where material and spiritual values are harmonized by utilizing the infinite power of the brain.