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Current President of the Republic of Costa Rica (It is his second term in office. His first term was from 1986 to 1990.)
Nobel Peace Prize Laureate (1987)
Honorary president of University of Brain Education

The world witnessed with surprise that Costa Rica reelected the president, Dr. Arias Sanchez, 20 years after his first presidency in 1986. He has a high reputation because of his life as a peace activist, his strong faith toward democracy, liberty and equality and his actions for peace making, which have been highly significant beyond Central America.

President Arias Sanchez has been widely supported by people during his presidency when he emphasized peaceful resolutions in the Central American region for the safety of Costa Rica, the neutral country, which does not have a regular army. He received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1987 for proposing the Arias Plan, 45 nations' committing themselves to peace, in which he requested immediate cessation of a civil war in the Central American region which had led to more than 100,000 deaths during 20 years of conflicts in this area.

President Arias Sanchez is well known for nominating the previous Korean President Kim Dae-Jung for the Nobel Peace Prize. Dr. Arias Sanchez visited Korea for the Humanity Conference held in Seoul in 2003. This year, he became the honorary president of the University of Brain Education. He has built a close relationship with Korea and has shown his affection for the Korean culture. Particularly in 2004 he visited Korean people's Gaecheon Festival held in Jeju Island in Korea and showed his deep respect to Hongikingan spirit (humanitarianism) whose philosophy is peaceful thinking and respect for human history.