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Founder and president. University of Brain Education
Founder and president. Korea Institute of Brain Science
Founder and chairman. International Brain Education    Association

Ilchi Lee focuses his efforts on the brain because through it humans experience and affect all reality. He has dedicated his life to promoting awareness of the brain and its potential to improve the human condition. His goal is simple and straightforward, yet far-reaching — to help individuals, communities, and the world find a more healthy, happy, and peaceful way of living. Just as the human brain is the source of human suffering and dissention, he contends that all the solutions to these dilemmas lie in the brain. He believes that humanity, by focusing on the brain as the final determinant of human consciousness and behavior, will unite toward the creation of a peaceful, sustainable way of life within this century.

Ilchi Lee has spent many decades investigating possible ways to develop the potential of the human brain. As a result, he has devised a variety of training methods and programs, collectively called Brain Education System Training (BEST).

This five-step holistic process aims to help people become the masters of their brain and, ultimately, of their lives. BEST includes exercises to increase mind-body coordination, develop greater openness and flexibility of the mind, and unleash creative potential from the brain. Ultimately, the purpose of BEST is to provide individuals of all ages and backgrounds with tangible tools for personal growth and fulfillment, based on the core values of the human brain, the Earth, and peace.

To express his pioneering views about the brain and human consciousness, Ilchi Lee has authored 29 books. While written in Korean, 11 have been translated into English, in addition to nine other languages. Among the titles are Developing the Brainpower Hidden in Your Child (a million-copy seller in South Korea, in three languages), Know Your Brain, Know Happiness (with Dr. Hee-Sup Shin), Brain Respiration (in 11 languages), Healing Society (in six languages), Meridian Exercises for Self-Healing (in six languages), Human Technology (in five languages), and Dahnhak Kigong (in three languages).

Ilchi Lee was a featured speaker, United Nations World Peace Summit of Religious and Spiritual Leaders, New York, 2000. He was the recipient of the Republic of Korea's Presidential Medal of Civil Merit,2002.

Proclamations for Ilchi Lee Day have been issued by Cambridge, Massachusetts (September 19, 2001), Atlanta (October 28, 2002), Santa Fe, New Mexico (April 10, 2007), Denver (July 25, 2007), and Houston (August 28, 2007). From Atlanta, Ilchi Lee received The Phoenix Award, 2001. Houston appointed him Honorary Citizen and Goodwill Ambassador, 2002. From Los Angeles, he received the Certificate of Commendation, 2003. The State of New Mexico designated him Ambassador for Goodwill, 2007. Since 2004, he has served on the Board of Directors, Sedona International Film Festival.