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The incredible progress that has been made in human civilization through science and technology is obvious to all. Only around one hundred years ago, two brothers astonished the world by building a machine that flies. Today, we take for granted the ability to travel around the globe in less than a day.

Now, the logic of science is being brought to bear on the very organ of creativity itself the human brain.

The goal of Brain Education is to provide tools for us to develop the brain's innate potential, so we can overcome our limits. It is my deepest belief that the brain itself is the key to solving all humanity's problems. Whatever our nationality, religion, or creed, we all have amazing brains. Humanity should now focus on developing the brain, in all its positive capacities.

As president of the International and American Brain Education Associations, I am delighted to welcome you to the Third International Brain HSP Olympiad, which celebrates the use of our brains for creative, productive, and peaceful purposes.